I had a very good day on the wheel last Friday. Some days when I’m at the wheel the clay doesn’t seem to do what I want but friday was a good day and I found my rhythm.

Usually when I start throwing I would weight out the clay and measure the size of the pots to get a set the same. I didn’t with these. I found it quite liberating to just get pieces of the reclaimed clay that Geoff had cut to size and then make something.

These were what I threw. They were from clay weighting from 1.5 to 2.5 kg therefore making different sizes. This is what I want to achieve, in that I want a group of pots that are the same shape (ish) but different sizes. These have been the biggest I’ve managed to thrown so far, the tallest being around 40cm high. I am un decided as to the shape, I don’t want them to look like they have been cast. I will try to taper them in at the top and bottom the next time I’m throwing.

All these pots will be taken to Hungary in a couple of weeks and glaze fired in a wooded kiln. Something I’m very excited to do!

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