Slip decorating

This week I threw another set of vessels. As I mentioned in my last post I would throw the pots but taper them in at the top and bottom. I have tried to do that with these pots.

Dave suggested that I add coloured slip to decorate them. I used white slip to cover them all. Some pots I applied the slip horizontally, allowing the banding wheel to turn as I kept the slip brush against the pot. Others I painted the slip on to leave brush strokes giving texture and movement to the piece. I then used oxides to add colour. Cobalt, copper and manganese were the oxides I used. I then added more thick white slip to try and give the impression of snow.

Once they are bisque fired I will glaze the inside with a white gloss glaze and use a clear gloss glaze on the outside. I might try and use a clear satin glaze in parts on some of them.

I’m happy and pleased as to how these have worked so far.

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