Summer colour overview

This post is an overview of my summer colour range

Follow this link to my Pinterest page on summer imagery

My summer range has by far been my most problematic to solve. Firstly I needed to decide on what aspect of summer I wished to represent. Was it to be sunset colours or bright flowers, or the beach? I then had to develop a range of glazes to match, however, firing stoneware to over 1280 can be problematic in getting bright vivid colours. I changed my mind on a number of occasions but finally decided upon a main colour range of the beach and sea, but I also added a few brights as well just to have a broader colour range.

The following images are some of my own photos of summer meadow flowers.

The following images are some close up shots of individual summer glazed pots.


The above images are all of the glazes I used for my summer pots used in various different combinations. As previously mentioned I found this season my most trickiest and the fact that I’ve got 9 glazes for it kind of shows that I did put a lot of effort into it but unfortunately this group isn’t successful and is my least favourite.



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