Karen Howarth

Karen Howarth came into Uni last week to demonstrate how she decorated her work using slip and mark making. I have ever decorated any of my work using slip, I always use glazed but this demonstration really opened up different possibilities to me of how to colour my seasons pots.

The above two images are samples of her finished work that she brought in to show us. They are wall pieces that depict an abstract landscape.

Karen uses a mono print technique where she brushes coloured slip onto newsprint, allows the slip to dry out a bit therefore leaving a thin layer of clay behind. This is then applied to the clay to give a smooth decorated surface. She then uses a tool to add marks to the clay then repeats the mono print technique to add depth to her piece.

This technique was done to slap pieces of clay whereas my work will be thrown but I think I could attempt to use the same or similar technique to my own work.

The above images are of the demonstration she gave to us.

This was my attempt at the process. I tried to make a winter scene showing distance by layering white slip in the hope that the first layer was thin and translucent and then with further layer the white would become brighter. I then used a knife to add marks to depict grasses. If I was to try this again I would mix up different shades of grey/off white to give the feeling of depth.

Once it’s fired Karen would then add copper oxide to the piece the wash it off and then add different glazes, some coloured some matt. Again this is something that I could try to do with my pots.

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