Spring ……. not so much

The first batch of spring glazes were all made with my glaze number 10 however my autumn glaze tests were all made with my glaze number 16 so I wanted to try a spring collection using glaze number 16. The following are the added ingredients for each test tile:-

u – Chrome oxide 1% + rutile 5%

t – chrome oxide 1% + rutile 5%

s – chrome oxide .5% + rutile 5% + tin oxide 5%

r – copper carb 3% + rutile 5%

q – copper carb 3% + rutile 5% + nickel 1%


The results:-


Glaze number 16 + q – r – s – t – u


Well….I think its safe to say that this glaze combination does not say spring!  Glaze q and r have turned out well and I will use them again however s and t are the wrong shade of pink. I had read that nickel in small quantities makes pink, which it does, however not the baby blossom pink I want. I need to find another pink glaze recipe.

The next spring colour tests I do need to include yellow stain and to concentrate on achieving bright grassy green colours.


Following on from my first spring glaze tests, I stated that I wanted to do another blend test with only the green glazes. This is the result of that test.


However I have obviously got confused with my labelling’s as there’s a blue in there! Just a small amount of blue with the rest of the greens does work, its not too cold and balances well.

I wanted to see how the glaze works on my wall hangings but as I only had 100g pots made up of each glaze so the only option available to me was to brush the glaze on and hope for the best.

The results;-



Brushing is not an option!!!

I need to find the right glazes before I glaze anymore of these wall hangings. Once I decide on the right glaze I will need to make a lot so that I can submerge the piece in the glaze to achieve an even coating. The above pieces might be underfired slightly as its not very glossy but im not even going to bother with that as the application of glaze is not good!


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