The majority of my time so far has been taken up in the glaze room working on developing the coloured glazes I need to represent all four seasons. This work is vital for my project however the form is equally important as a good glaze cannot make a poor form better. Therefore I decided I needed to spend time on the wheel to develop a form that would best show the glazes. With the help of my tutor Dave Binns I started to throw these simple yet elegant forms.

These simplistic forms I feel will best show the glazes I am developing. The glaze application will not be just off one glaze but will be a combination of different glazes overlapping and blending together. With such an application there is risk of the glazes running too much and then sticking to the kiln shelf therefore ruining the pot. With this conical bowl form I can apply a lot of glaze to the inside with no risk of sticking but will then still better show the blending of the glazes.

I have been concentration a lot on refining the form by taking my time using ribs to smooth out the inside of the bowl to create a smooth line. The inside of the form does not have a flat centre but is more ‘pointed’ which in turn leaves a thicker base leading up to a thinner rim. This also creates an illusion of a fine thinly thrown form but with a heavy base which leaves the bowl stable.


These three bowls below do not work for me. I want a form that is curved on the profile. These are curved but in two different directions. I want one continuous curve from the base to the rim with no foot ring.


These four bowls below were the first that I threw and again are not right. The edges are too straight. The profile needs to be curves as I mentioned above.


Over all I managed to produce a variety of different sized forms. I still need to practice more and get bigger but these are a good start that I am very pleased with.


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