Spring glaze test

I have started to gather spring colours together that I think will work well. I want mainly greens but with a bit of blue for sky and pink for blossoms. I want to see if this pink glaze will tone down with the white and to just see how they all work together. This is the selection of glazes I will try first. They are mainly my number 10 glazes with number 9(bright green), 6 (bright blue), 15 (shocking pink) and 4 (bright white).


I decided to do 3 sets of 4 different glazes the same way as I did the autumnal glaze tests.

This next test consist of glaze numbers – 10i, 6, 10r + 10x


I glazed them the same as the autumnal pots so that I got a good mix of how they would all look on a pot but also on the tile.

The results:-




7b89ebd3-0c7b-4278-99b3-8f0178491bd9.jpegThe above glaze test has got some great green combinations but I think the blues that I added have made the group look cold, therefore I don’t think blue should be added to this spring group. The spring colours I want need to be warm greens, if anything I need to add more yellows and brighter greens. I will try mixing a new glaze by adding yellows and green stains along with the other oxides and then make a new blend test tile.

The next test blend consists of glaze numbers 15, 9, 4 + 10k


The results:-



The above test has not been successful. The pink is too bright and hasn’t toned down with the white as I hoped. The blue and white combination are more winter colours rather than spring and the green glaze has just got lost. The white glaze number 4 is also not very good as it has developed pin holes and doesn’t blend well. I will not try this combination again.


The bottom group of glazes consist of glaze number 9, 10s, 10g + 10k


The results:-


This test tile shows some promising results, other than the blue glaze for the same reason I gave above. The results also show that using the same base glaze creates better blending rather than using completely different glaze recipes.

I will do another glaze test tile of glazes 10r, 10g, 10k + 10x and if successful mix larger quantities to glaze my larger vessels.

I feel I have made a good start to my spring colours range but there is still a lot that I need to try out before I am happy with the results.

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