Time lapse


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I started to attempt to do a time lapse to hopefully show the changing of the seasons. On a regular route to take my dog for a walk I found this group of trees that I thought I would try to take a weekly/fortnightly picture off. I started this at the end of October as the tree was full of its autumnal colours then as times gone on the tree has lost its leaves and the cooler bleaker colours have set in.

This is obviously a working progress that I hope to keep adding to as the year goes on.

I will also start a new time lapse of a different view as there might not be a big difference in the colours with these trees that I’ve chosen. I view with more variety of trees and plants might show more diverse colour changes that will represent the seasons more. Also I hope we get snow this year, having a white winter view will be great but it doesn’t snow very often in Preston!


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