British Ceramics Biennial

3rd November 2017

I’m still trying to catch up with this blog so unfortunately a couple of posts have been out of chronological order, but once I have caught up I hopefully will post as I go and therefore will be in order!

Back in November we went down to Stock on Trent to see the British Ceramics Biennial exhibition at the Spode museum. Below are a couple of photos I took on the day of the pieces I liked the best. The first 3 imaged have to be my favourite. They are made by Hannah Tounsend. There were quite large, around half meter high with the paintings behind being even bigger. She takes her inspiration from layered landscapes and sea-washed, weatherworn surfaces of the British coastline. This style is something that will aspire to achieve with my range of seasons pots.

The other main thing that I learned about ‘what it is I like about ceramics’ is I love porcelain. There were a lot of porcelain pieces at the exhibition that I was drawn to, I live the delicate nature it can portray along with a silky smooth finish it has even without a glaze! I always thought I would be draw to pots with a glaze finish, I’ve learned that porcelain is definitely the exception.

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