Autumn colour overview

This post is a recap of my autumnal range.


This link will take you to my Pinterest page with referenced images of autumn

My Autumn range used 5 different glazes. 5 of them were my own colour range from my base glaze number 16 and the 5th glaze I got from Emmanuel Cooper glazes book. I called it my number 6.

Here are some individual images of my small glazes pots.

The glazes that I’m using for my autumn range work really well together. That obviously helps as they are mainly from the same base glaze but it is the different combinations that I can get from them that I really like. Depending on which one I dip first and whether or not I dip the rim first followed by the body I can get completely different finishes. These 2 pictures below show the same 2 glazes used, 1 for the whole the other for the rim but the rim was dipped first on one then the other the rim was dipped after the whole body.


It is this difference in combinations that has allowed me to get such a vast array of differently glazed pots from only 5 glazes.


These are the 5 glazes that I used for my autumn range.



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