Earth & Fire Ceramics Fair

Every year the second year students on the MA course have a joint stand together to show case our work. Here we all are on our last day after having a very successful show.


All our work is very individual to each other which helped with the set up. We all went there with the intention of not selling anything (this is better than having high expectations and being disappointed with having no sales) and we all had a great weekend with either sales or interest in our work.


It was a tiring weekend with us camping on site and then to be on our stall for the three days however it did help that there were a few of us there to take turn and man the stall so that we could go and have a look at the other stalls (and buy pots!!)




I made sure that I got up to date business cards made featuring images of my current work. I must remember to order in plenty of time as I ended up paying an extra £16 on top of my order for fast delivery. Moral of the story, get organised!


I was very pleased with the work that I had taken especially as I sold quite a lot and got a lot of interest in my glazes. My winter pots got the most interest of which I also sold the most of as well. This feedback is invaluable to help me plan what I need to make for when I come to (hopefully) have my own stall at Earth and Fire next year.

The main goal I want to achieve out of this MA course is to make a body of  work that 1- I am proud of and 2- that I can sell and try to make a career out off. Along side the pots that I make I thought about making some jewellery and to glaze them in my glazes. The two might not at first make a connection however they are connected, as in the beauty world, a persons ‘colour’ (skin tone, eye colour, hair colour) is categorised in seasons. This to me makes perfect sense to make jewellery that will match a persons ‘season’.

I plan on writing a separate blog to explain beauty seasonal colours more.

I had been thinking about making jewellery for a while and I thought that it could be a good seller at earth and fire. I knew that I wanted to make them out of porcelain (I haven’t tested any of my glazes on porcelain, how different could they be?!) however I didn’t really know what shapes to make. I also didn’t have a lot of time to test them so what you see in the picture above are the first ‘tests’. 

I was also advised to make them a high standard. All the findings are sterling silver and the necklace is leather which is represented in the price. The pendants I sold for £35, the stud earrings were £15 and the drop earrings were £20. Nearly all my earing sold but only 1 pendant. I think I might have over priced the pendants so next time I will sell them for £28 instead of £35.


Not only was it my first time exhibiting at earth and fire but it was also my first time camping, something that I was a little apprehensive about…. there was no electricity! However, I can honestly say that I had a great time! Yes it was freezing, especially on the first night but with a few extra blankets and an airbed instead of a camp bed the next two nights were great! Jane brought her pizza oven, the back of my car became the pizza rolling/making station and we all enjoyed handmade pizzas on the first night. The weather was great which obviously helped and I have said that even if I don’t get into earth and fire myself next year I will still be coming to help everyone else out. It was a great weekend, tiring but fun.




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