Photo Shoot

I’ve had a busy few weeks trying to get ready for earth and fire and a lot of pots have come out the kiln.

So far with my work I have been doing a lot of tests and trying to get the right glaze and right form. My storage shelves show a lot of coloured tests tiles and a lot of unglazed pots which equated to a lot of hours work but with no finished work to show. Therefore I wanted (and needed) to have a big glaze session to get some finished work. I ended up filling the kiln twice! Below are some imaged that were taken of the more successful pots.



The above winter groups are my favourite so far. They have a very simple basic set of glazes i.e. matt white, matt black and oxides but with the different glaze applications used I have created a lovely set of pots. I particularly love the top image of a large bowl. This is simply glazed with black on the inside and white on the outside but where the two glazes have met they have blended beautifully creating these linear patterns on the outside.


These next set of pots are my autumn pots. This range are made up of my number 16 base glaze (high gloss glaze) with the addition of an Emmanuel Cooper recipe the one in the middle at the top. The addition of this glaze has really pulled the group together, it was lacking a more vibrant red colour.


The above selection of pots are a collated group of all 4 seasons. This was done to see how they all interact with each other but also because I didn’t have enough summer or spring pots to make their own group.

By photographing these pots together as they are have inspired me to make a larger selection to display the range and combination of glazes. I would like to see more combinations of glazes and different glaze applications therefore I plan to make 25 of each season. This will be a total of 100 pots and will (hopefully) be an impressive display of work.

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