Refined form

I started developing this new form back in March and I ended up throwing a lot, I basically only threw for a few weeks! However along the way I seemed to have lost it’s elegant form. The picture below is one of my later pots and it shows how the rim has been turned in where it should have flown out more. The blue line shows the direction the pot takes whereas I want the direction to flow outwards such as with the red line. I was also doing the same with the foot ring by turning it too much.

After speaking with Dave he showed me how, by using a plastic rib bent slightly to achieve a curve, I can use it as a guide to keep the shape that I want. This is especially good for when I’m turning.

Once I have finished turning I was leaving slight chattering marks on the pot so to smooth the turned section I need to wet the pot with a smooth sponge. Then with the plastic rib held as shown above I turn the wheel and smooth over the edge of the clay, this then compacts the clay and covers up any ‘hole’ created by the grog in the clay (even this smooth B17C clay that I use has small pieces of grog in that are brought to the surface with turning) If this isn’t done there is a slight chance that the glaze will not ‘sit’ properly.

Above is the finished trimmed pot with the form flowing elegantly from the table top to the outer-rim.

Another problem that might occur is allowing the pot to dry out too fast. I threw the above pot on the Wednesday with the plan to turn it on the Thursday however I left the pot uncovered which resulted in the rims being too dry by the next day. Initially I didn’t think this would be a problem, however, clay shrinks when it dry’s which could then deform the shape after I’ve turned it. The rim has already shrunk to its dry state but the base hasn’t therefore after tuning the base could shrink more that the rim leaving the pot miss shaped.

I will have to check on this pot after it’s bisque firing to see it the shape has changed due to drying.

All these things that I have talked about on this post are to refine my throwing and turning skills to create as much of a professional finish as I can. They might seem like small minute details however with me having such a simplistic form, any small deformity will be highlighted.

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