Winter’s here!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the Game of Thrones pun with the title!

Recently, a friend asked to buy one of my pots. Up until now the only finished glazed pots were my autumn pots but my friend wanted a light coloured one. I had a small amount of white glaze that I had brought in from home to glaze ‘Sven’ our Christmas buck so I thought I would glaze a few of them and add a bit of oxide to add some interest.

These were the results of the glazing.

There were issues with the glaze as inside the glaze had pitted even though they were fired to cone 10, but the blending I got from the copper and cobalt oxide were beautiful and very icy.


I would like to think that I had planned this wintery outcome…but I didn’t. Its just a happy coincidence but one that I want to take further.

So far with my glaze development I have mainly been using my base glaze number 16. It is a high firing high gloss glaze. This white glaze is also high firing but with a satin matt finish. The pictures above do not give it justice but once fired to its correct temperature it’s finish is smooth with small subtle crystal type shapes on the surface.

This is a glaze that I have used for the past few years with my previous work and for some strange reason I didn’t think to use it with my new work but now I will. As I did with the my glaze number 16, I will develop a coloured range in this new glaze to see if I’m able to get the range of colours needed.

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