Summer Colours

While working out colour schemes for each season I must admit that summer has been the hardest one for me. Each of the other seasons are so obvious to me but summer I found tricky.

Throughout the past year of working on this project I find myself constantly looking around at my surroundings, looking for colours and shapes and inspiration. Autumn is by far my favourite season. The ever changing colours that appear in the trees are magical with the orange and red shades being everywhere. The Winter season, with its monochrome palate and soft coverings with dusts of snow and ice, I find very tranquil and calming. Then spring arrives and there’s a burst of bright greens dotted with yellow daffodils and pink blossoms. But with summer I don’t get an obvious colour. It could be sandy beaches or multi coloured flower beds or bright sunsets. The problem could be that summer is probably my least favourite season, I’m not keen on hot weather and this could by why I have struggled with this season.

However as mentioned before I am always looking around for inspiration and the main thing that I will try to take from the summer are the sunsets. Below are photos I’ve taken throughout the year from whenever I’ve seen a stunning sunset and I hope this will give me a summer palette that I can work with.



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