Im in the glaze room again!

I’m spending a lot of time in this room lately as I have a shelf full of bisque ware but no glaze to put on them! After speaking with Dave he suggested that I just try to work with one season at a time. So far the glaze tests I’ve been doing have consisted of trying to get a range of all the colour combinations using all different oxides. However for now I’m going to concentrate on Autumn colours.

This current batch of glaze test is using a base glaze given to me by Cheryl. It’s a high temp glaze to fire at 1280 degrees.

Base glaze recipe-

Neph syenite – 40

Flint – 30

Whiting – 20

China clay – 10

Above are the first tests of this glaze that I’ve made. They turned out nothing like Cheryl’s which is unfortunate however I think this is because I didn’t have any rutile to add. All that were added to the above tests were oxide. I added 5% of each oxide (except cobalt, just 2% as it’s strong) as Dave suggested I add more to get a stronger colour.

when I get some rutile I’ll add 5% to each test pot to see what results I get. I’ll also test the glaze in both electric and gas, while I’ve got access to a gas kiln I’ll try and make the most of it!

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