Manipulating form


This is the latest group of vessels I have thrown. I threw them with the intention of creating movement and interest within the form and to create surface texture which will then in turn make the glaze more interesting as it breaks over the texture.



These shorter pots I threw with Kyra Canes pots in mind. When I went to Earth and Fire last April I bought a small pot from her that I now keep on my fireplace at home.

It’s only a small simple pot that she had manipulated by pinching in the sides but I really like the effect it gives so I thought I would have a go and then use them as my sample glaze pots. Testing glazed on the tiles I use are ok for an initial test but to get the glaze effect I want ( by using multiple layers of glaze) I need to test them on a 3D form which these will be ideal for.

Another reason for manipulating the form is to do with the weather. Regardless of what season we currently are in there is always movement, from a slight breeze to gales, like we’ve had recently, so I therefore want to bring movement into my work.

All this work currently still needs to be glazed but at the moment I am still working on which glazes would work best, a process that is taking a very long time but a process that is so very important, so I will keep working on it until I find the correct glaze.

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