1st Practical Assessment

There’s nothing like a deadline to get me motivated and to do some work and today was my first practical assessment. So over the past few weeks I’ve been working hard to get some work together to make a display of my seasonal work.

Above is my display of work that I put together.

I only have two seasons (winter and autumn) so far. The autumn work I am very pleased with. These vessels are what were glaze fired in Kecskemet in the wood fired kiln. The shino glazes that I used really depict the autumnal colours I’m wanting, rusty, textured earthy colours.

The winter vessels are not what I want. It was the first time I used coloured slips and I forgot how strong cobalt oxide is. I only wanted to show a hint of blue and have mainly white. I need to work more on that technique, if I’m to carry on using that technique?

The thrown assembled wall pieces that I tried to change the form to represent each season I liked but on reflection I don’t think that I will go down that route as having different forms and different colours for each season will not unify my work as a collection, it could look like four different artists work. I will use a similar form and change the colour to unify my work.

Overall I was very pleased with what I have done and how it all looked together. I know that I am not even close to a finished group of work as there is still a lot that I need to do but I feel that this work shows a direction of where I’m going.

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