More Glaze testing!


The first glaze testing that I did wasn’t very successful. I did a 5 colour blend of 2 oxides but they did not turn out great.

This time I tried a different base glaze consisting of –

Potash feldspar – 50

Dolomite – 20

China Clay – 20

Bone Ash – 10

I made up 3kg and divided into 30 pots. Then I added different oxides in various different %’s as well as adding rutile as I believe rutile adds ‘interesting’ results. Oxides used are Cobalt, cobalt carb, copper, tin, titanium, manganese, nickel, yellow iron, copper carb, red iron and iron chromate.

I needed to make up lots of different colours and this will be my starting point.


This whole process of measuring and mixing took 2 whole days (well my whole days in between collecting the kids). I also need to make more test tiles as I didn’t have enough to test all 30 glazes. That will be 1 of my next tasks.

I hope that after all this work there are some nice glazes in this mix!!

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