Clay testing


So far the only clay that I have used has been the university reclaimed clay and B17C. I received some sample bags from Valentines and did some more thrown work with them. These are just 3 different clays that I’ve tried so far. I have another 4 bags to test.


I first threw with this stoneware white fleck clay. It was a nice textured and easy to throw with. I’m wondering how white it is once fired.

I then threw with porcelain. This is the second time I’ve tried throwing with porcelain, the first was in Kecskemet and now this. The Kecskemet porcelain was not very good. I think it had been dried out too much as it was very stiff and lumpy, I couldn’t even wedge it well.

This porcelain was lovely to work with, just how I imagined it to be, soft and smooth. I threw the above but have realised I will need to firmly attach each piece when I assemble them as it easily fell apart!


This is valentines P680 black clay. I want to use this clay for my winter pots.  I thought that having a white glazes over black textured clay would be great for winter representation. I therefore threw this clay adding lots of texture. I made little pots to use as glaze test cups.

500g test clay bags goes along way!!

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