Testing different forms

I wanted to try different forms that might be used to represent each season so I spend bank holiday Monday in my studio working on different shaped test pieces.

This form is to represent WINTER. I feel a rounder form represents the softness that objects with snow on them have. I like this shape a lot, it works well in assembling the piece and I also enjoy throwing this shape.

This shape is to represent SPRING. I tried to make bulb like pieces. As I threw them the top closed up. I then pierced the tip to create a hole and then drew a line down to represent petals that are to be opened up.

I am unsure about this shape as it might be too obvious and looks like a bunch of flowers which is not what I want. I must try more ‘spring’ shapes.

This is my SUMMER shape. I made this shape open to represent full bloom. I enjoyed throwing this shape, it works well assembled but I am unsure if it represents summer?

This is my attempt at an AUTUMN shape. It’s the same shape as summer but the edges have fallen down, like leaves have fallen!

I like this shape, again it was nice to thrown and I think looks good assembled, but does it truly represent autumn?

I will try different forms for autumn and try ripping leather hard form to get a jagged edge to represent fallen dried leaves.

My plan for these pieces are to be wall art, however, all the above forms have ended up in a dome shape which I don’t think will work very well.

I then changed how I made each individual piece. Instead of pinching the piece off the hump I used a needle tool to slice it off leaving a flat base which then resulted in an overall form being flat.

Next I will try combining different sizes of the same shape together and then try a large combination of all shapes and sizes. I’m interested in how a large piece will look! For this I will place the thrown pieces directly onto a kiln shelf giving me a maximum size to work with.

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