Glaze results – not a result!

These are the results of my 1st glaze tests.

The top 2 rows are fired in reduction the bottom 2 are oxidation. The blue is too strong, I only wanted a pale blue shade while the ‘black’ isn’t black! I prefer the reduction black iron oxide to oxidation but it’s still not the grey scale I am after. I also don’t think I need to do a 5 scale colour range either.

The next set of glaze tests I will do will be of a range of colours. I plan on mixing a big base glaze then dividing up to make only a light and dark shade of as many oxides and stains that there are in uni. I need to make a list and plan better beforehand.

I also want to try more base glazes. This glaze wasn’t as glossy as I’d hoped. I need to try a few more glazes to find the right one.

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