The Archives or Aladdin’s cave!

Whilst at the studio we were given permission to visit the archives in the cellar of studio. This was a true Aladdin’s cave of treasures! The cellar was crammed with work made by various different Ceramics artists who had stayed and worked at the studio.

There’s was so much to see and take inspiration from.

This piece I particularly liked as it looked like rain drops had fallen on it.

Close up of the pieces by American artist Rimas VisGirda. I am not especially interested in the style of the piece just with the shiny detail that looks like water droplets which I thought would be an ideal way to show spring April showers for my seasons pots. I therefore will be trying to recreate this look and will need to do a few tests.

I also found these which have a similar look to my new work. They are obviously not thrown but have a similar repetitive nature to them.

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