1st wood fired results

These are the results of the 1st wood firing.


These were the pots that were made at uni using reclaimed clay. As previously mentioned in another post I won’t be using reclaimed clay after this but I do think that it has added an extra quality that I like for texture I wanted to created.

The first group of three were glazed using the runny yellow glaze inside then a shino glaze sprayed on the outside. I purposefully only sprayed it lightly as that gave the burnt orange effect that I wanted. I sprayed it uneven as well to add different tones.

The second group of 5 were glazed with an ash glaze inside them with a combination of 2 ash glazes and the shino glaze. I applied these glazes using a slip brush for texture to represent a pile of fallen autumnal leaves. I’m very pleased with how they have turned out, especially with them all grouped together.

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