Firing Olsen ‘super E’ wood fired kiln

Today at 5.30am! We all got up to fire the Olson ‘super E’ wood fired kiln. I have never fired a wood burning kiln, I’ve only ever fired an electric kiln so I was very excited to see how it’s done.

We were all put on into a stocking rota as this kiln would be fired for at least 10 hours to reach a top temperature of 1320 degrees celsius! Hot hot hot!!

We had to give a toast to the kiln gods as well, which required palinca a Hungarian spirit, and at 5.30 in the morning it wasn’t the greatest.


I teamed up with Jane quite early on, the temperature was only around 300 c, the whole process was really enjoyable.

The kiln reached its top temp of 1320 at around 3pm and was left to cool down ready to open 2 days later.

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