‘Throwy thingys’ – I need a better name!

Following on from producing my own ‘performance art’ piece I decided to try different forms, shapes and sizes.


With this piece I wanted to use similar sized pieces with them touching and having there shape distorted with each added piece. Unconsciously it then turned into a Christmas tree form which was unintended but I quite like.

These were made from the hump again and pressed onto a wooded board. With this form I followed the shape of the board which therefore resulted in a long thin design.

I have started to take a bit more care with each individual thrown piece to not get it messy with slip and to ‘clean up’ the shape.

I then followed this idea of making these pieces to fit the size and shape of the boards I chose.


These were both and placed onto a throwing bat. I forgot to take a picture before they were fired and unfortunately they have fallen apart. I think this is because I put them straight into the drying cupboard but had I left them to dry at room temperature they would have survived.

The smaller rounder thrown piece was one of my favourites so I was a bit gutted that it didn’t survive but on a plus point I’ve enjoyed making them so I’ll just make another!

As I just mentioned I’ve really enjoyed making these pieces. I find it very relaxing to sit at the wheel, throw these small shapes off the hump, pinch them off and arrange them on a board. I will therefore be working these into my seasons project. I will still be making the vessels but I will also develop these pieces and hopefully on a much larger scale. At this moment in time I can see them as wall art either for the garden or the home.


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