Winters here

The weather this week has been ideal for my winter research, it’s been snowing, freezing and icy.

I took a walk up to Peel tower in Ramsbottom at the weekend. It was freezing but so picturesque, below are some images that I took.

I love the photo of the snow on the grasses, this is something that I might try to recreate with glaze on my pots.

I have been giving a lot of thought into the forms that my seasonal pots will take. 1 idea I have is to create forms (as well as glazes) to represent each season. I will do some sketches to represent this better but as an idea my winter pots could be rounded to represent snow, spring pots could be bulb like and tall to represent bulbs and new growth, summer could have fluted tops to represent open flowers and autumn could be…… not sure yet. I need to do some sketches to explain better.

Another day this week was icy. These following photos show the patterns the ice made. I need to do some sketches to pick out the detail of the ice I like.

This is ice that formed in a container that I smashed out. I love the slight pattern in the ice, I could try to replicate this by manipulating a thrown vessel, just one more idea that I need to try!

Now to get sketching!!

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