Colours of the Seasons

Since starting my masters back in September a lot of thought has gone into trying to decipher what I love about Ceramics and what I want to develop and explore for my project. I’ve looked into what I like and don’t like with existing ceramicists (post will follow showing my 3 likes and dislikes). All this has brought me to the conclusion that I like the surface finish of pots especially the glazes, colours and textures that can be produced.

To find inspiration I have also been looking at the world around me, with places I go and things I do. This process started back in October just as the season started turning to autumn. I have always loved the changing of the seasons with autumn being my favourite season. I love seeing all the different colours that the leaves on trees turn to, from pale orange through to bright reds and every shade in between.

This then brought me to the conclusion to produce Ceramics that will reflect the colours that each season brings. I will research and explore the colours of each season then develop a range of vessels to reflect each season.

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